Childrens Ministry

We recognize that it can be difficult for parents to balance Sunday mornings with Worship, Sunday school and other activities, which left parents feeling like they had to choose one or the other. Out of this conundrum, two opportunities for weekly faith exploration were born. The first is the Grace Space and the second is MidWeek Connection.

The Grace Space

The Grace Space is intended for children to use during Sunday morning worship. Located in the front of the sanctuary near the pulpit, this area is designed for young children to quietly engage in age-appropriate activities while experiencing worship along with their families. Parents are asked to tend to their children while they are using this space. Worship specific activity sheets are also available in the Grace Space and on clipboards for older children to use if they sit with their parents.

MidWeek Connection

MidWeek Connection for Kids at Living Waters is for children ages 3y/o-5th grade. This fall we will be learning about God’s Big Rules (the 10 Commandments).

We will open our evening at 6:30pm with teaching time and songs then move into small groups to do age appropriate, hands-on activities.

Due to COVID 19 we will be doing as much as possible outside knowing that our youngsters are still in the ‘unable to be vaccinated’ category. Facemasks are required inside the building and STRONGLY recommended outside.

Once COVID-19 cases are controlled in our area, and it is safe to do so we plan on hosting supper before classes on Wednesdays.

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