Spiritual growth is a personal journey that each of us embarks on in our own time and in our own way. At Living Waters we want to help connect you to a class or group that meets you where you are but teaches you to be more than you were. We offer several classes that meet on different days and at different times to help you fit your faith exploration into your life.

Confirmation Class for Adults!

Starts September 18th!

Did you go through Confirmation in your youth, but you don’t remember much (or anything) about it? Perhaps you’re just beginning to explore the Lutheran faith and want to learn what it’s all about. THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!

Together we’ll explore all the ways our faith is shaped and reshaped as we experience God’s love in different ways. Join us as we dive into the foundational pieces of the Lutheran Catechism to help us reflect our calling as God’s children.

9/18: Lutheran 101 – We will explore what it means to follow Jesus using the Lutheran expression of faith.

9/25: Called to what? Exploring vocation through storytelling

10/2: Both/And; Sinner & Saint; Law & Gospel

We do better together!

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, its that we do better together! This Thursday morning group meets and shares life over a hot cup of coffee and a friendly game of cribbage.

Small Group Bible Study for Adults

Small groups provide opportunities for us to connect in more intentional ways with one another as we walk in faith. The focus of the conversations will include relevant topics, prayer and sharing life together. Groups will decide when and where to meet, including in people’s homes. If you are interested, please see Pastor Ivy.

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