Spiritual growth is a personal journey that each of us embarks on in our own time and in our own way. At Living Waters we want to help connect you to a class or group that meets you where you are but teaches you to be more than you were. We offer several classes that meet on different days and at different times to help you fit your faith exploration into your life.

Starts September 15th

Lay and pastor led groups will focus on topics ranging from bible-verse mapping to more traditional bible studies on different books of the Bible. 

Starts September 14th

A daytime Bible study digging deeper into the lectionary texts. Coffee will be provided!

Starts Saturday, September 18

Vital Signs of a Growing Church: Insights from the Acts of the Apostles. During this once a month bible study, participants will discuss the untrained, ordinary people who turned their world “right side up” for Christ. Bible study is led by Chuck Puskas and Mitch Kuschke is the chef! Everyone is welcome.

Click here for full course syllabus:

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